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Want to ride alone?
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at 6:02 PM.

Go out when it's 93 degrees. #

Serious heat wave in NYC, and the bike lanes were a lot easier on the nerves. #

A picture named hot.jpg #

But one bottle of water was barely enough.  #

Still the muscles stay nice and loose in the heat. #

Now seems a good time to mention that, at my turnaround point, there's a park bench, with a plaque: "In memory of Renee Glaser. Passionate journalist, citizen, reader and Yankee fan. A dear colleague and mentor who will not be forgotten."  #

A picture named reneeGlaser.jpg #

Her bench is in an absolutely wonderful spot. Behind it, a picnic area, with shade trees, and a path that leads up the hill. It's just north of the 79th St boat harbor, and a nice restaurant. It must be lonely there in the fall, winter and spring. But in summer it's bursting with life.  #

Map: 1 hour 7 minutes. 11.56 miles. #

Christmas Tree
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