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Google Webmaster Tools accept RSS feeds
By Dave Winer on Sunday, July 17, 2011 at 6:39 PM.

My world outline now has a feed. #

http://static.reallysimple.org/worldoutline/dave/rss.xml #

As you would expect, when I post new documents to the outline they appear in the feed. #

The reason I did this today, what led me to this right now was something at Google, whcih is why it is of interest on Scripting News. #

I was looking into how I could get Google's search engine better looped-in with changes in my outline. Along the way I found out why the connection between the two was broken, why none of my pages were showing up in Google's search engine. This was a good bug to fix! :-) #

On the way to fixing this, I noticed two things: #

1. They're saying that you don't need to do sitemaps if the navigation system of your site takes you to every page. With the World Outline that is certainly true. #

2. They will take RSS in place of sitemaps.  #

So I spent the time adding a feed, which is of course useful in many other contexts. #

So now I have this feed hooked up to Google's back-end. #

I love it when things like this just plug in. Boom!  #

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