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I got Spotify
By Dave Winer on Monday, July 18, 2011 at 7:37 PM.

Just got Spotify and already I love it. #

It found every song I asked it to.  #

Including some that I had not been able to find, for years, anywhere else. #

Recalling that in Napster days it was called the Celestial Jukebox, I get the same experience today from Spotify.  #

It's about playing "what if" with music. The serendipity of finding one thing when you're looking for another, and opening a door into part of your past. Music and memory are very close in humans, music is key to finding our past, and healing.  #

I remember in Napster discovering music I listened to with my father when I was a very small child. As far as I know there is no other (or better) way to unlock those memories.  #

Or listening to a song you shared with your first lover. How can anyone be so crass as to put a pricetag on that? (They can, they can.)  #

I am glad that it only took the music industry eleven years for them to let us have this. #

Just one thing: My poor eyes go crazy with white-on-black text. It makes my brain spin. Not kidding. And grey-on-grey is even worse.  #

There must be some way to tell Spotify to cool it with the weird contrast of text. #

Is there?? #

PS: What does the name Spotify mean? #

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