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The mother of all meltdowns
By Dave Winer on Monday, July 25, 2011 at 11:56 AM.

During the Iraq war it amazed me that there were so few protests or civil action to challenge the war. We just kept fighting and life went on normally. I moved to Berkeley, bought a house, wrote software, spent time with friends, traveled around the world. Everywhere you went, normal life. Except in Iraq and Afghanistan, where there was war. And except at home, where the government, people are just now realizing, was borrowing hugely. Not just to fund the war, but to fund a huge tax cut and a gift to the pharmaceutical industry. There was talk of privatizing Social Security, which would have been a gift to all corporations. Esp considering the market crash that was coming (with the benefit of hindsight). #

But most of all the borrowing bought our acquiescence.  #

Now we're building up to a much bigger crisis. One we've had plenty of forewarning of. #

It's like what happened with Katrina in New Orleans. People asked why didn't someone warn us. Heard it over and over, from all kinds of people. But people were warned. Everyone who lived there knew that eventually there would be a big hurricane that the levees wouldn't handle. And it would be disaster for the city.  #

But there were still people who could come rescue the homeless. People left floating in boats where streets used to be.  #

Same in the banking meltdown in 2008. There was the government to bail out the too-big-to-fail banks and insurance companies. #

This time it's the government itself that's melting down. There is no entity on Planet Earth that can bail us out from this one.  #

No. Entity. On. Earth. Pause right there. After this meltdown there can't be anything bigger to melt down. This is the meltdown to end all meltdowns. The mother of all meltdowns. #

I'm scared. You should be too. #

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