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Greenspun and me
By Dave Winer on Thursday, July 28, 2011 at 12:31 PM.

I've been emailing on technical topics with Philip Greenspun, and am reminded how much I like him, as a technologist. #

But the things that I like about him as a technologist are infuriating when he talks politics#

I suppose this is the way some people feel about me. #

But we do think alike in some ways. #

I posted a link in a comment on his blog, to yesterday's piece about Inspiring GOP Movie Scenes, where I suggest that we let each Representative name five citizens who will pay no taxes. #

That's the way to give them what they want without ruining the economy any more than they already have. #

Then the rich people can bid on their seats, in essence sharing their windfall with their rep. They can buy and sell their reps as before. But since they pay no taxes, they don't have any say in how taxes work for the rest of us. Seems fair, yes? #

They wouldn't have to do anything else. Not hire anyone. Nothing. #

Of course they couldn't use our police or fire departments, or sewers, or the military. We'd have to figure out how to segregate them from those of us who pay taxes. Seems that this is applying their values to the situation. What's mine is mine! #

Obviously it's none of their business if the rest of us would like to pool our resources and have public education, or buses and subways, for example. Health care. #

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