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Washington is crazy
By Dave Winer on Thursday, July 28, 2011 at 1:03 PM.

That's not exactly a front-page story, but it would be smart of the news organizations to base their Crayz-Town coverage on that simple assumption. Instead of getting all dramatic about everything, they should roll their eyes after every sentence. I mean, that is, if they don't want to themselves be crazy. :-) #

Lots of eye-rolls and coughs. #

One more thing and I'll get back to my real work... #

A picture named bird.gifIf you've read about the Boehner bill that's going thru the House and apparentlly likely to pass, you have to see that it's ridiculous that this is what the big deal was all about. Remember to divide the number by 10, because it's a 10-year thing. And forget about anything in the bill after next year, because it's all subject to re-legislating. It's nothing more than a vaporware press release. As if Microsoft made a decision that their operating system is going to have fewer users in 2019. Okay. Thanks for letting us know. (Sarcasm.) #

It's all meaningless. Puffed up to make it look big. We might as well have been talking about Angry Birds.  #

They just do it to occupy the airwaves. To make sure that nothing else can get through. #

Now I want to know what else should be coming through. #

Not a joke. #

PS: To the Tea Partiers, you're the craziest thing to come to Washington in a lonnnng time. #

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