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My to-do list for Heello
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 7:42 PM.

A new service launched today called Heello that appears to be challenging Twitter, and damn it's a good thing to see. #

I've signed up there as davewiner, my handle as on Twitter. #

Now here's a todo list for the guys doing this software: #

1. RSS in and out. #

2. Relax the 140-char limit. #

3. API. #

4. Really simple authentication, let's pop the stack back from OAuth. Make it really easy to build apps. #

5. Optional titles on tweets on a per-tweet basis (makes RSS work better). #

6. HTML templates, not just bitmaps.  #

7. The link shouldn't be part of the tweet, make it metadata, like the date and location, etc.  #

None of these are requirements, just obvious ways for it to work better for more users. #

Update: I made another feature request. support rssCloud both ways, then it will hook into my Blork net. Really simple low-tech federations. Small pieces loosely joined, but totally realtime.  #

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