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By Dave Winer on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 7:00 PM.

I just had a random thought to check if an old massage school friend and teacher was on Twitter. Apparently not. The only mention of him was a tweet from August 5 saying that he had died.  #

A picture named flowers.gifIt took a little digging to find out that he died on July 17 in a private plane crash in Oregon.  #

Nirakar was an exacting man, a perfectionist who turned into a joyous little kid when he was flying. It was his single biggest passion. And he was in a perfect place for soaring, in the inner range near Calistoga#

I imagine that he wouldn't have wanted to go out any other way. Unfortunately I'm not going to get to ask him, in this life.  #

According to the Harbin website, there will be a memorial for him there this Friday.  #

Update: Two Lake County men killed in Oregon plane crash.  #

A photo of the plane, after the crash. #

KDRV: "Witnesses also say the plane was doing aerobatic stunts shortly before the crash." #

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