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Checking out dlvr.it
By Dave Winer on Friday, August 12, 2011 at 7:44 PM.

Interesting service.  #

At its core it's TwitterFeed, but it tries to be more general, with the concept of "routes" and the beginnings of a powerful configuration system. #

A picture named cloud.gifI find it interesting because I was working on such an idea a few years back with Betaworks for a product called Switch-A-Bit, that was much more ambitious. However, we couldn't get something that was comprehensible. I came away from it thinking that ultimately what you want here is a programming language, and all attempts to find a balance betw an interactive interface would eventually lead back to programming. #

BTW, bit.ly got its name from Switch-A-Bit. :-) #

Also interesting to note that bit.ly and TwitterFeed just merged. Good idea. Feeds and URL-shorteners belong together.  #

All these services need to support rssCloud, imho. I know they've nuzzled up to Google by supporting PubSubHubBub, but please support RSS too. I'm sure you will. :-) #

Sooner the better. #

Also, if the developers of dlvr.it are around, I'd be interested in knowing where you're taking it. #

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