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To all would-be Twitter competitors
By Dave Winer on Friday, August 12, 2011 at 12:40 PM.

I have three RSS feeds that I update as often as I update Twitter that are suitable for flowing through your web app. #

http://static.reallysimple.org/worldoutline/dave/rss.xml #

http://static.reallysimple.org/users/dave/linkblog.xml #

http://bits.codecasting.org/rss.xml #

They support rssCloud so the updates are available instantaneously.  #

I'm not asking you to support "standards" -- I think that's a shortcut we don't need to take. The incentive is that I'm putting out a fair amount of good stuff, imho, and I'm making tools that others will be able to use, so there's a cow path to be paved here that leads somewhere good. Plus if you support it, you almost certainly get me on board as an evangelist. #

What I mean by shortcut: Some people say you should do it their way because it's a "standard" but they don't explain why it's a standard.  #

This is esp difficult when what they're proposing does more or less exactly the same thing as a format or protocol that's already widely used.  #

If they're so keen on interop (the reason to use a standard in the first place) why didn't they just use what was already out there?  #

In other words, there are other motivations. That's one of the reasons I don't use the word myself until there's almost universal adoption of a format or protocol. And then you don't need to say it so much. :-) #

I thought I should make my proposition explicit.  #

And of course the prop is open to Twitter as well. I've made it before, but the door remains open. #

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