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Calling the Repub bluff
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, August 17, 2011 at 11:07 AM.

1. Repub candidate Rick Perry says actions speak louder than words. #

2. He also says that political manipulation of the economy is treason.  #

Let's put 1 and 2 together. #

If #2 is true, I know a few Repubs who are on their way to the gallows. #

Like all the people in Congress who pushed us to the brink of default for political purposes. That imho is the best example of treason, and no I'm not a liberal thank you and I'm not a Democrat either. I just have a mind, and eyes, and love my country, and despise people who play dangerous games for utterly selfish reasons. #

And if the Repubs are serious about #1, then they shouldn't block a stimulus program, a big one, one that's designed to create lots of jobs. The world wants to invest in the US with no interest. We're too damn stupid, net-net, to take the money. #

A picture named lifesaver.gifThe President can say to the people "I want to throw y'all a lifeline, but these assholes keep trying to stop me." It wouldn't exactly be true, because the President has been acting more like a Republican than a good FDR-style Democrat, which is what we desperately need right now. But better late than never. And our economy really can't wait until 2013 for a stimulus. And if god forbid a Repub gets elected, we'd have to wait until 2017 for a stimulus. Why do I think that might be too late?  #

And the President probably shouldn't use the word assholes to describe Republicans, but I bet most Americans would agree with the characterization. #

Anyway come on Repubs, let the President try to give the economy a big push, and avoid trial for treason. Now, not later. Then if it doesn't work (as you are sure it won't) you can throw a big party at the Repub Nat Conv. #

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