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If you're running Blork
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, August 17, 2011 at 7:11 PM.

I admit, you'd have to have jumped through some pretty ridiculous hoops to get Blork running on your server at this stage. It'll get much easier, I hope (and pretty much expect, but don't want to tempt fate). But I see in my readout that there are probably a handful of folks doing exactly that. Nice to see.  #

A picture named lifesaver.gifAnyway, if you're one of those hale and hearty souls, you now have a new feature. A very sweet little popup window that does your posting for you. It should be possible to make this much faster, because it's doing so much less than the original UI did (which still works, btw).  #

I'm reaching closure on a bunch of stuff this summer, very slowly (it is summer after all, and the weather has been spectacularly nice here in the east). I hope to have a new EC2 for Poets soon. And a new easy-to-install River of News, suitable for J-school classes, or even high school. I will offer support to teachers who want to give it a try with their classes. You don't have to be at NYU. :-) #

And I have a new identity API coming any day now. It'll be nice to get that finalized and out there.  #

Anyway, here's the howto for the new Blork bookmarklet. #

http://bookmarklet.blorkmark.com/ #

Enjoy! #

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