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New Mac setup gets less shitty
By Dave Winer on Monday, August 29, 2011 at 1:21 PM.

I got a new MacBook Air today and was excited as I was bringing it home, then I remembered -- I don't have a FireWire cable.  #

This is always the moment when the newness of a new Mac stops being fun and starts being a drag. #

A picture named macbook.gifSo I unboxed it, lovely packaging. Surprised to see no thumb drive with the OS on it (as the previous MacBook Air had). I went ahead and started the setup, figuing I'd go hunt around the house looking for a firewire cable (I also vaguely remembered that USB works too). Then it did something nice that made me happy and inspired this blog post. It told me it could do the transfer over wifi. Okaaaay. That's the right answer. #

It told me to launch the "migration assisant" app in the Utilities sub-folder of the Applications folder on the old Mac. (I wondered what that was, I assumed it was something I didn't need to know about).  #

Now the new Mac is happily sucking data out of the old Mac, and I'm writing a blog post. #

I always say software is a process. You watch, we'll make it suck less. It's nice when that happens. :-) #

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