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Morning coffee notes
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 11:50 AM.

Yesterday or was it the day before Microsoft busted out a bunch of new stuff. It's all a fog to me. But here's what I want -- virtualization that's easy. I'm told that's there. I just want a command in the Start menu that says: New Machine. Choose it, get asked for a name, and boom that's it. New machine boots up. A user interface just like CoRD. Anyway that's how I envision it working. #

Instead I get the sense that they went the other way. This new operating system goes everywhere, does everything -- it even has an XBOX inside.  #

For me I want Windows to get smaller. They want it to get larger. #

BTW, I have the same feeling about Mac OS, but they don't agree either. They changed the way scrollbars work. Damn. Just what I need. One machine out of the eight that I use regularly that has a different idea of scrollbars. Seriously bad UI work at Apple. :-( #

But I have a feeling Microsoft just did that too. Did they break scrollbars? Oy. I don't want to know. #

A picture named girlclown.jpgHow bad have things gotten in US politics? The candidate who threatened the life of the Fed chairman expresses dismay that the audience at his debate cheers the death of a hypothetical uninsured man. Or don't think we should educate kids whose parents immigrated illegally. He wonders where they got the idea that it was okay to be such openly disgustingly blood-thirsty revenge-seekers.  #

I just finished a corner-turn where I took all the extras out of a release of EC2 for Poets. It's a lot easier to work with without all that stuff in there. Getting ready for the next project after that. #

Today might be the last warm day of 2011 in NYC. There's a cold front coming in. Low temp on Friday is forecast to be 46. That's freaking cold. I'm going to miss summer when it's gone.  #

Christmas Tree
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