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Google needs a Google
By Dave Winer on Friday, September 30, 2011 at 11:13 PM.

I'm starting to get annoyed with Google's search engine. So much extra stuff, now they're displaying people's web pages in the margins of the search results. Why are we even going there. Is there a way to turn it off. #

The reason we liked Google was it whisked us on our way to where we needed to go. Now, they're doing what the old search engines used to do, clutching us ever-closer. They're even sucking off-site content into their site. Google is becoming as much of a silo as Facebook is. Only it's happening slowly.  #

Google used to be fast, not just in responding to search queries, but in staying out of the way and letting us get on with it. #

We need a Google for Google. Something to search it without getting in the way. So we can find what we're looking for on Google, and god forbid it might be on another site, there too. #

"People come back to places that send them away." #

A simple thought. A plain jane search, with none of the bells and whistles. Really excellent results, of course. I think such a search might go over well. Maybe no graphics at all. Just text.  #

Something I wouldn't mind linking to from a blog post. Starting to resent all the holding-on Google is doing. Remember the point of a search engine is to send you away. It's how Google won our hearts in the first place. Wonder if they have any corporate memory of this. #

I get the feeling that users are more and more pawns in an epic battle to the death among the titans of tech. I'm looking for an opt-out. #

Thanks for listening. #

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