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Today's ride: 35.9 miles!
By Dave Winer on Sunday, October 02, 2011 at 12:23 PM.

I did the MS ride today. Thanks to all the sponsors. We raised $585 to fight MS. #

It was a clear sunny day, with dramatic clouds. Not much wind. Chilly, in the low 50s. #

The route was 12th Ave to West St, then through the tunnel under the financial district onto the FDR all the way up to the very top of Manhattan, way north of the George Washington Bridge, and down the Henry Hudson Parkway to Pier 94.  #

I could have gotten a badge if I wanted to give them access to my Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, but I won't be doing that. I think we need to start saying no to that question. I gave to fight MS. Now maybe they can give to fight the BigCo takeover of the web.  #

A picture named empireStateBuilding.jpg #


Map: 3 hours 11 minutes. 35.9 miles. #

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