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New design for scripting.com
By Dave Winer on Monday, October 03, 2011 at 9:53 AM.

Yet another new look for scripting.com#

A picture named bullwinkle.gifIt uses the Bootstrap toolkit for some things, but I didn't use their grid layout or the fluid two-column layout. Couldn't make the grid work, and the two-column layout had the columns arranged backwards. #

This is a test to see how subtext looks in the new setup. #

However when you delay rendering to the browser, you end up splitting the content in two. That's fine if you're working on a single site, and not trying to create utilities that work in a lot of different contexts. For example, suppose you wanted to create a library that handled drawing and interacting with menus. If you weren't using CSS, you'd just return a package of HTML, it would be dropped into the page, and that's that. However, with CSS, you also have to arrange for the style information to show up, in an entirely different place. That's the complexity that CSS adds.  #

Using Google Web Fonts for the title of the home page, and for the text on the home page. The title is Fondiner Swanky (which people think of as the Rocky and Bullwinkle font) and the text on the home page is the very nice Ubuntu font. On the story pages I use Georgia.  #

I really like the blue text for links. That's a Bootstrap thing. #

Not sure what to do with the linkblog contents. It's kind of disruptive, not in a good way, but I want to give people access to the links I publish. Still thinking about that. #

As has been pointed out in the comments, it's broken in Chrome. Probably elsewhere. Oy. (I need a nap.) #

Update: I think I have it working in Chrome now. #

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