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Two needs: webcams and linkbloggers
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at 11:58 AM.

Okay I'm starting to think about next steps in developing remote eyes and ears, so we can all experience as much as we can of what's happening in all the Occupy encampments around the country. #

1. Webcams. Every encampment should have one or more. In windows overlooking the encampment, behind a locked door, with a 24 by 7 net connection. This is not a livestream. It's part of a security system. This way we can know immediately if an encampment is safe, or if as in Boston last night, something else is going on. Example of what you can see with a well-placed webcam viewing an historic event. #


2. Pretty soon spammers are going to discover that they can get pictures onto the home page of occupyweb.org. When that happens, we'll have to switch to a moderated system. We need to be ready for that. I have software that can easily facilitate it, you just install a bookmarklet in your browser, and when you find a picture or movie that belongs in the flow, click the bookmarklet, enter some descriptive text, click Submit. Just like posting to Facebook, but it's all built on open and public RSS feeds that can be recombined any number of ways, not just how we'll do it on occupyweb.  #

Post a comment here if you want to start doing this now, in preparation for the time when we'll need to do it for real.  #

Thanks in advance! ;-) #

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