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What happened in Boston late last night
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at 10:37 AM.

A few minutes after posting the questions about what happened in Boston, it became fairly clear. Just needed to read a couple of reports to triangulate. It would still be nice to get some pictures of the current encampment so people outside Boston will know it's okay.  #

Anyway here's what happened, near as I can tell, from my desk in NYC. #

1. There was a huge march yesterday. #

2. OccupyBoston settled in a second encampment near the first one. #

3. The city warned them to get out.  #

4. They didn't and the city evacuated them, arresting over 100 people. #

5. There is a pledge from the city, via the mayor, not to interfere with the Dewey Square encampment. That pledge does not appear to have been violated. #

Idea: How about a webcam for each of the major encampments, so we can get a view into what's happening without waiting for anyone to file a photo on Flickr? #

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