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Questions re OccupyBoston last night
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at 9:54 AM.

Something happened at Occupy Boston last night at about 1:30AM. #

We have news reports, video and photos, but we don't have a clear idea, those of us who are not in Boston.  #

1. We know the police warned the occupiers to evacuate or be "subject to arrest."  #

2. The police attacked, arrested about 100 people. Dismantled some (all?) of the occupation. #

3. Why? What changed? There doesn't seem to be any statement from the Boston police or city government. #

4. What is left of the occupation? #

Fresh photos would be welcome, as well as a report from an observer, someone who is neither part of the occupation or part of the police or government.  #

Update: OpenMediaBoston says the arrests came after an attempt to expand the encampment to a second park. #

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