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More scripting.com format tweaks
By Dave Winer on Thursday, October 13, 2011 at 10:33 AM.

A picture named accordion.gifJames Burgos suggested that I change the linespacing from 150 percent to 130 percent. So I tried it, and felt that it was too smushed up for my reading pleasure. How I feel about this is important because I read this stuff way more than most people do. Over the course of a few hours after publishing a piece I read it over and over, looking for ways to tighten things up, to make my ponts more persuasively and looking for more interesting or elegant ways to say things. Not all pieces of course, but the important ones -- like yesterday's politics piece.  #

So I kept fiddling, as I knew I would. :-) #

Ended up changing fonts again. Now the text is Georgia, hopefully a font that everyone finds readable. And the structure text, titles and navigation, are in Ubuntu. I really like that font. It's a good substitute for Arial or Helvetica, it seems. But it's got a little style that those fonts don't have. A certain I don't know what. :-) #

Then, to achieve the effect that James wanted, I wrapped each home page item in a new div, so now it's easy to add space above and below each unit on the home page, without messing with the styles of the components. #

Now I'm overall fairly pleased with the way the text looks. #

Still have to decide what to do about the plus icons on the home page, and maybe do some more to make the linkblog stuff look more like a linkblog. #

Update: I added a pref to turn off the expand icons on the home page and then set the pref false. No more expand/collapse on the home page. #

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