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Howto for credit unions?
By Dave Winer on Sunday, November 06, 2011 at 10:44 AM.

Suppose I want to move my checking account from a major bank to a credit union. #

Which one should I move it to? #

The most important thing for me is that they have a good website for bill-paying. Some bills are paid automatically every month, and others are paid by me filling in the blanks in a form. It should be fast, reliable and easy. #

I wouldn't mind earning a little interest. #

I would like them to keep records indefinitely.  #

It would be great if they would export my data to a format that I could write a script to process. XML or JSON would be excellent. I doubt if any of them do this, though. Banks appear to be a couple of decades behind the leading edge.  #

I would like to be able to give money to any cause I feel like supporting, not just ones that the bank supports.  #

I tried looking up credit unions. It looks like I could join the one that's affiliated with NYU. But I don't think they actually run it. What do we know about the people who run credit unions? I have no clue which are the good ones. For all I know I could be moving my money from one evil institution to an even worse one. At least I know the one I use now manages to pay the bills I ask them to, with the caveat that they won't let me give money to causes they don't like (which is absolutely a deal-stopper, it should be illegal imho). #

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