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The idiocracy of social media
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at 10:20 AM.

A picture named balletDancer.jpgHalf the comments I get on Twitter are part of a "media strategy." #

Which means someone read a book that said if you want to achieve success you have to "engage" with people.  #

I bet Klout has something to do with it. If they get a reply from me, that counts as a certain number of points toward their score. Which theoretically I guess gets them consulting business, working on other people's "media strategies." #

So they ask questions a machine could come up with. I recommend an author. They ask if they should read one of his or her books. I don't know. #

People must realize, don't they, that this is all pointless. It's a bubble on a bubble on a bubble on a bubble. When you dilute things that much, is there really anything left? #

And Twitter, please please please give us a way to delete items in our Replies tab. I've seen this insipid comment once. That's one too many times. And I'm going to see it twenty times until it scrolls off. This is seriously inhumane.  #

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