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A community river
By Dave Winer on Sunday, November 27, 2011 at 11:50 AM.

We now have a community river on Scripting News. #

http://river.scripting.com/ #

The feeds in this river are from people who read this site. It's self-selecting, at least so far.  #

I've also included my worknotes feed, a feed that lists code updates for the OPML Editor user community, and feeds for a couple of our community mail lists (all are low-traffic). #

I asked in a blog post yesterday if people are part of the community, and if they have an RSS feed, and if so to either send it to me via email or post a link to it as a comment. We got over forty feeds! Pretty amazing for the first day. But then is it surprising that people who are reading this site on the Saturday after Thanksgiving are pretty hard-core about RSS?  #

I deliberately did not send pointers to that post to Twitter and other social places, because I want the feeds of people who are readers of the blog, who can find their way to a post here without much prompting.  #

Even better -- there are some excellent posts in the river. I found out about a new blogging service I didn't know about and learned that Blogger had made some serious improvements that I need to check out. #

So far having a community river is much better than having comments! :-) #

I am of course also maintaining the OPML subscription list for the river (it's done automatically by the River2 software). If you use an aggregator that allows you to subscribe to OPML lists, you can just plug it in and kick back and you'll be getting a steady flow of news from and about this community. #

Thanks everyone, and keep up the good work!! #

Christmas Tree
This site contributes to the scripting.com community river.

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