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WordPress and oEmbed
By Dave Winer on Friday, December 16, 2011 at 6:41 PM.

Here's a short link to a post on frontiernews.org which is a WordPress.com site.  #

According to Matt, if I post the shortened link to Twitter, the text of the post will show up there. Let's see. #

Twitter thinks there's some "media" there, but it doesn't display it correctly (it does open up a space for it). #

So there's some evidence of a connection here, but not sure how much or what it's supposed to do. #

Update: After a more careful read, there's documentation here for their support for oEmbed. There's also information about a few other services. What about the other 18 billion websites? How do we find out about their oEmbed support? #

Here's the request for the frontiernews.org post mentioned at the top of this piece. #

The big question is why isn't everyone using the <link> method for discovery??? #

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