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Dave Winer in a Nutshell?
By Dave Winer on Sunday, December 18, 2011 at 10:39 AM.

Edd Dumbill says it's time for me to write a book.  #

If you still work at O'Reilly you could do a book called Dave Winer in a Nutshell. #

I want to write a book. The reason to write a book is so that I can go on tour with the ideas. The system still caters to book authors, not bloggers. Really weird. But change comes slowly. #

If I had a book I'd be able to go on NPR shows. Might even get an invite to speak at an O'Reilly conference. :-) #

A picture named daveWinerInANutshell.gifProblem is that I am a blogger, not a book writer. I am spoiled by the interactivity. The immediacy. The fact that a post gets an immediate response -- or not. That gives me a lot of data, helps me work quickly, which is important. Because even though I can work quickly, change still comes at a glacial pace. #

BTW, what I do is closer to radio than books. #

That's why podcasting was such a natural outgrowth of the flow at Scripting News. #

For example, the recent thread on apps got huge coverage. The stuff I'm writing now about oEmbed is getting very little. Should we conclude that there's little interest in oEmbed, or that it's politically sensitive, or perhaps that there are so few people eligable to have their content appear on Twitter that the idea is stagnating, and only being implemented at companies that Twitter deems worthy of partnership. (See how politics and tech are always deeply intertwined?) #

So what I need more than anything is an editor and collaborator. Someone who can take the stream that I have created and continue to create, and find the ideas that have lasting value, and organize them into something coherent. I had a great editor when I wrote at Wired, but she's not available. Someone who reads my stuff, and has for a long time, and wants to make something from it. #

I've tried this with a number of people, but it's never resulted in a book. #

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