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Why GoDaddy is the right target
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, December 27, 2011 at 12:05 AM.

There's a lot of poetic justice in GoDaddy putting the big target on its own back, and the users taking aim, and shooting well enough to make the point. SOPA is the result of the entertainment industry figuring out what DNS is and how it works. Learning if they snip a few wires here and there they can control everything. It was always this way, but they didn't know.  #

DNS is the front-line of SOPA, and GoDaddy is probably the largest commercial entity in the DNS world these days. And they were so stupid they screwed it up. Shows how bad bankers and lawyers are at managing technology. Just imagine if they had some respect for people who do the plumbing.  #

A picture named alfredENeuman.gifThe only problem is that by trying to hijack DNS in such a public way, with legislation, the entertainment lawyers and lobbyists educated the users of DNS. People who own domains with GoDaddy. And now they're figuring out how to move their assets. Overnight Namecheap has a name (and is just as fast ruining it). It would have been a lot smarter for the MPAA to buy their way in. Didn't Verisign just sell itself really cheap. But then ICANN probably isn't as easy to push over as the US Congress. Or is it? (Honestly don't know, but some of the people who read this blog are involved in the ICANN process.) #

I love this little demo because it proves the Internet hasn't all been sucked into Facebook, Google, Twitter and Apple. We're not 100 percent silofied. All those domains that are moving away from GoDaddy point to places outside the BigCo silos. How about that people who say the Internet is dead. You're seeing new life. And eventually this power will show up inside the silos too. #

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