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The internet will reboot
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, January 03, 2012 at 8:27 PM.

A picture named seltzer.gifHere's proof that while the Internet might not be SOPA-proof, it might have some resistance legal hacks by the US Govt.  #

Here's a list of IP addresses for various popular sites. #

BTW, write this down -- scripting.com is at #

Note to Ted, we should make it so that the scripting.com home page shows up when you enter the IP address in a browser. #

Now all we have to do is have a distributed database that's not owned by the US Govt that lies offshore. I can't imagine what that might look like. :-) #

PS: For more motivation, from a political standpoint, check out today's earlier piece.  #

PPS: SOPA has the fantastic side-effect that it gets people thinking about the architecture of the Internet.  #

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