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Menus everywhere
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, May 08, 2012 at 11:31 AM.
A picture named joeMontana.gifThere's a new Bootstrap menu on permalink
Gotta say it's been a long time coming. And then yesterday I realized I was within a few inches of putting it together. So that's what I did this morning. permalink
You can see from the menu that my Scripting News world, which is one-half of my online existence, has a blog, a linkblog, a top-40 list (which is a nice feature of the linkblog), a place for discussion (threads), a river and a personal site. permalink
The linkblog is the content you see in the gray box in the right margin on Scripting pages. permalink
The other half of my online life is my work. There's a worknote for this bit. If you look in the menubar of that site you'll see how that side fits together.  permalink
Note that all of this is hosted on my own servers, I'm not depending on Facebook, Twitter, Google or even Wordpress or Tumblr for my hosting (special mention for the latter two because they wouldn't lock me in, the others would). permalink
I've also been investing in smoothing out all the components to make it possible for more people to install it on their own servers, on EC2 or Rackpace or elsewhere. Right now it's easiest on EC2. That's where EC2 For Poets fits in.  permalink
It's a big universe for one guy to manage. It's no wonder my back hurts! :-) permalink
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