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Test post. Please ignore.
By Dave Winer on Friday, May 18, 2012 at 9:19 AM.
There's a Dos Equis commercial that begins "He has inside jokes with complete strangers."  permalink
I think this is what they mean! :-) permalink
I don't usuallly run test posts on Scripting News, because the software here isn't really moving. But today I'm working on one of the connections between RSS and the worldoutline, and am doing something interesting with blog posts that are really outlines, like the ones on Scripting News. permalink
You don't usually see the hierarchy in the feed, but today, on my worldoutline site, if all goes well -- we will.  permalink
So here's a bit of an outline, the classic States outline permalink
Alaska permalink
California permalink
Hawaii permalink
Ely permalink
Gerlach permalink
Las Vegas permalink
Pahrump permalink
Reno permalink
Oregon permalink
Washington permalink
Kansas permalink
Nebraska permalink
North Dakota permalink
Oklahoma permalink
South Dakota permalink
Delaware permalink
Maryland permalink
New Jersey permalink
New York permalink
Pennsylvania permalink
Illinois permalink
Indiana permalink
Iowa permalink
Kentucky permalink
Michigan permalink
Minnesota permalink
Missouri permalink
Ohio permalink
West Virginia permalink
Wisconsin permalink
Colorado permalink
Idaho permalink
Montana permalink
Utah permalink
Wyoming permalink
Connecticut permalink
Maine permalink
Massachusetts permalink
New Hampshire permalink
Rhode Island permalink
Vermont permalink
Alabama permalink
Arkansas permalink
Florida permalink
Georgia permalink
Louisiana permalink
Mississippi permalink
North Carolina permalink
South Carolina permalink
Tennessee permalink
Virginia permalink
Arizona permalink
New Mexico permalink
Texas permalink
If this works, when we view this over in the worldoutline, the hierarchy should show up, as an expandable outline. As it does on Scripting News. Lots of prayer and knocking on wood. And the usual disclaimers. IANAL. My mother loves me. Etc. permalink
Update: It worked! permalink
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