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Readlists have feeds
By Dave Winer on Thursday, May 31, 2012 at 9:34 AM.
When I saw the new Readlists feature from Arc90, the company that makes Readability, my first reaction was if they had a feed for each list, it would be a linkblogging service with a very nice benefit -- all the articles it linked to would be very nicely readable.  permalink
Well, it turns out they do provide a feed. If you just add /feed at the end of any readlist URL, you'll get a nice RSS 2.0 feed.  permalink
Here's my Readlist page. permalink
And here's the feed. permalink
I've started by adding some of my more recent articles that I think are worth a read. :-) permalink
A little feedback for the developers. I got confused making this readlist, thinking I was adding items to my list when I accessed the Chrome plug-in and chose Read It Later from the menu. They really need a bookmarklet for this feature. Copy/pasting URLs is way too slow.  permalink
Another source of confusion. What's the difference between a reading list and a readlist. Maybe they should be the same thing? permalink
To test it out I've subscribed to this feed in my personal river. Let's see if the items show up there. permalink
Good news and bad news. permalink
1. The item showed up in the river. permalink
2. But it linked to the non-readable version of the article.  permalink
So, as much as I'm a fan of Arc90, the feed seems to miss the point.  permalink
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