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New discussion paradigm
By Dave Winer on Friday, June 08, 2012 at 9:12 AM.
I have a new feature in the worldoutline that allows me to start a dozen comment threads in one post. permalink
I tried it out with the various issues around bikes in cities. permalink
I'd say it was a success.  permalink
One topic, "It's okay to ride on a sidewalk" has spawned a lively discussion. I just added a comment. permalink
There's another side to this. The pedestrian. Suppose you're an old dude with frail bones. You want to go out for a walk every afternoon, because you need to get out. But the sidewalk is filled with asshole cyclists that might hit you. If they hit you they could break your hip and you go to the hospital for months, and could very well catch pneumonia and die. Aren't you entitled to a relatively safe place to walk? permalink
You're a mother with a baby. In a baby carriage. Again, you want to go out in the world, and you're going to walk. But some jerk on a skateboard hits you and knocks over the carriage and god knows what happens to your baby. Again, why isn't she entitled to a safe place to go for a walk. permalink
PS: Thanks to Disqus for providing an open commenting system that's so easy to experiment with, and to Daniel Ha for being so supportive.  permalink
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