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Show your feed visibly
By Dave Winer on Friday, June 08, 2012 at 4:09 PM.
Important but simple message to people with websites with feeds. permalink
The browsers are one-by-one removing information about feeds from the user interface, so it's become harder for people to find your feed.  permalink
To compensate, you should make your feed easy to find in your web content.  permalink
It just struck me as I was looking for the feed on the Rootstrikers site. I started to do a View Source and realized that of course most people wouldn't think to do that, or necessarily know how to find the feed in the source.  permalink
It's possible that they might not have a feed, even though they have a blog.  permalink
I did go looking through the source and there's no link to the feed in the head section of the home page or the blog page. permalink
So if you want people to know about your feed, make sure you're showing it to them.  permalink
Update. I added the RSS Subscription Extension for Chrome, from Google, and it found a feed for the Rootstrikers site. permalink
While I was at it, I added a feature to River2 that allows it to hook into Chrome's subscription extension.  permalink
This is very cool. I had something like that pieced together with Firefox, but this is a little easier. And every little bit of ease is progress.  permalink
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