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Why Bootstrap is significant, part 12
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 8:50 AM.
Some people don't like Bootstrap, but I do.  permalink
I knew I'd like it from the first moment I tried it, because I could get it to do stuff for me the first time. permalink
Bootstrap is baked into the world outline, so now I get to see my users have fun with it. These people are very far from the types of people who build commercial websites. They don't care if their twipsies look like everyone else's. They delight in the fact that they can make twipsies by just typing a little macro into their text. We've known users can do that since WordStar days.  permalink
But there's another reason I love Bootstrap. (Actually many others.) permalink
I was working on creating a log for one of my apps. Just something for me and other system managers. Nothing that has anything to do with branding or other commercial concerns. Highly functional. But it looks beautiful because it's just as easy to make it beautiful as it is to make it not beautiful. So there's a little more beauty in my life. And programmers are people too, and we like to look at beautiful stuff as much as the next person. permalink
Usually it isn't worth the trouble to make it nice. But if it costs nothing -- why not? permalink
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