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Repubs are Keynsian when it suits them
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 at 7:57 AM.
A picture named keynesCoverOfTime.gifIt's really clever how the Repubs scoff at Keynesian economics, but are perfectly happy to use classic Keynesian arguments when it suits them.  permalink
They say if you raise taxes on "job creators" they will create fewer jobs. permalink
So if you keep their tax rate at historic lows, as they are now, isn't that a Keynesian stimulus? permalink
Hmmm. I'm sure they have a nice tapdance for that, and I'm not from Missouri, but I recognize a load of bull when I hear it. permalink
A much more direct way to stimulate "job creators" to create jobs instead of pocketing the difference is to be totally direct about it. Give them a tax credit when they create a job. If they create a job for a black teenage male (their unemployment rate is close to 50 percent) give them a double credit. If they create a job for someone who's over 55, same deal. permalink
If we're going to be Keynsian, at least be smart about it! permalink
But the so-called "job creators" really aren't. They're just rich people who pay off politicians to spout bullshit on their behalf. Not very patriotic of them when the country is in such a deep economic hole. permalink
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