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A picture named daveTiny.jpgDave Winer, 56, is a visiting scholar at NYU's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and editor of the Scripting News weblog. He pioneered the development of weblogs, syndication (RSS), podcasting, outlining, and web content management software; former contributing editor at Wired Magazine, research fellow at Harvard Law School, entrepreneur, and investor in web media companies. A native New Yorker, he received a Master's in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, a Bachelor's in Mathematics from Tulane University and currently lives in New York City.

"The protoblogger." - NY Times.

"The father of modern-day content distribution." - PC World.

"Dave was in a hurry. He had big ideas." -- Harvard.

"Dave Winer is one of the most important figures in the evolution of online media." -- Nieman Journalism Lab.

10 inventors of Internet technologies you may not have heard of. -- Royal Pingdom.

One of BusinessWeek's 25 Most Influential People on the Web.

"Helped popularize blogging, podcasting and RSS." - Time.

"The father of blogging and RSS." - BBC.

"RSS was born in 1997 out of the confluence of Dave Winer's 'Really Simple Syndication' technology, used to push out blog updates, and Netscape's 'Rich Site Summary', which allowed users to create custom Netscape home pages with regularly updated data flows." - Tim O'Reilly.

8/2/11: Who I Am.

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Dave Winer's weblog, started in April 1997, bootstrapped the blogging revolution.

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The scoop on Google TV Permalink.

A picture named eyetv.jpgI wasn't at the announcement today, but I'm very interested in this area, having gotten my TV through a computer for the last four years or so. Google TV sounds interesting, and I will certainly get one. But I had to zoom in on what made it different, so I issued a challenge on Twitter and we eventually got to the core difference between the Google approach and the Apple approach.

With Apple, you can buy an Apple TV, as I did -- and found it seriously lacking, so I gave it away. The other choice, which is the one I use, is to hook up a Mac Mini to a regular big-screen TV, using a converter to translate DVI to HDMI, and using an optical cable to connect the sound so the digital converter in the receiver does the conversion. The theory is that the audio equipment does a better job than the computer equipment of digital-to-analog conversion.

I've been generally happy with this approach, but recently I switched to an old PowerPC tower Mac that I wasn't using. It has more horsepower than the Mini, and you need it if you want to do stuff (like browsing, emailing and tweeting) while watching a digital signal through an El Gato converter.

Okay so how does the Google device compare?

It's going to be built into the TV so it's one less box and one less set of cables. It should be cheaper. And the user interface will probably be slightly simpler. All of which are good reasons to do the product, and good reasons to get one. I hate the wire clutter that comes with using computers and am actively doing things to reduce the clutter.

Will it be Android or Chrome OS? Haven't gotten that far yet -- if you have data, please post comments or links.

What I'm really waiting for is Cannon to integrate Android and wifi with a nice camera. The camera on my Droid is pretty nice, but Cannons take better pictures. I'd also like a very simple programming interface so I can write my own software -- but there I have pretty much abandoned hope. This is Google after all, and they are the high and mighty priesthood, a prototype for the Cathedral made famous by Eric Raymond. I didn't think it was possible but they're more like Microsoft than Microsoft was. (At least Apple is honest about being proprietary and locking its users in the trunk.)

Ben Franklin would have understood the plight of Twitter clients Permalink.

A picture named bill.jpgThis is what Ben Franklin said at the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

"We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."

It's an important idea, one that applies not only to revolutions and revolutionaries, but to independent software developers.

This week a lot of the Twitter client developers are announcing that they now support Google Buzz. Another corporate platform that's trying to overtake Twitter.

In the unlikely event that Google manages to pass Twitter, the chance that Google will bypass the client developers, as Twitter did, is 100 percent. That's how corporate platforms work. Right now Google needs the client developers to help them try to climb over a very high wall. Later the market will demand that they ship an official client, the same call that Twitter heard.

The secret for the client guys is that instead of investing in individual platforms owned by huge corporations, they must swallow hard and invest in working with each other. None of them is going to eliminate the competition by doing a better job of sucking up to corporations that own the platforms. Their only chance of winning is if a platform emerges that isn't owned by a corporation.

In other words, a platform with no platform vendor.

You know, like the Internet. <img src=">

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