Earlier this month I switched this site over to yet another new CMS. This one has a bunch of new templating and scripting features, and is written in JavaScript, and has unique scaling advantages. I will be writing about the new CMS, at much length, when the software is released.

I wanted to note that I have a new template that is patterned after the look of the Medium site. I really like the look of their posts, as do many other people. I especially like the way it uses the image at the top of the page. I've always loved using images in the right margin of my posts, now I can play with much larger ones at the top of the posts. It makes blogging a lot more fun, for me -- and I hope you like it too. (I know the subhead can be hard to read. Still thinking about what to do about that.)

There's a "drawer" in the left margin, which you can access by clicking on the little "hamburger" icon in the upper left corner. The menu items can be clicked to reveal previous articles, links to related sites, my rivers and GitHub repos. I'm still working on that part of the design. Actually I'm still working on it all.

I wanted to give credit for the design inspiration.

"Only steal from the best."

I do have a choice of templates for each post, and I imagine most posts will use the plain "outline" template, suitable for starting discussions (an example). I expect I'll use the new format for special occasions, like this one.

As always Scripting News is about scripting, and news -- and the intersection between the two. And play and pushing the leading edge, and keeping us all independent and hopefully for a little while still, free.

Let's have fun!

A picture of a slice of cheese cake.

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