Little Pork Chop 0.42

Good morning!

I announced a new product, Little Pork Chop, late last night.

I had it done, wasn't sure who to leak it to, so I just pulled the trigger and let everyone in. The result has been great! Lots of enthusiasm, only a little nay-saying, lots of people giving it a try.

Also a few feature requests and bug reports, which I've tried to address in 0.42 which is now out.

  1. You can see the version number in the upper right corner of the screen, if you're in doubt about which version you're running. Click Reload to get the latest.

  2. There's a new Prefs dialog. You can access it through the gear icon in the product control box. Right now there's just one pref, but that's the hardest one to do. Adding new prefs will be easy in coming releases.

  3. Threading. We now make the second tweet a reply to the first, and so on down the stream. That way if you view the first tweet, you'll see a nice little essay. This isn't something I thought of doing, the credit for that goes to Eric Florenzano. It was a really great idea. Example.

  4. A pref to send the tweets in reverse order. This means they will show up in the tweet stream, visually, in the order you wrote them. It's easier to read that way. However, a caveat -- that will make the threading, mentioned in the previous section, go in reverse order too. So it's your choice. One of the two ways of reading will be in reverse order and the other one will be in easier to read order. I've set the pref so that threading is correct, which is imho more in the natural flow of things.

  5. I dropped the # from the beginning of each tweet. Not only does it get us back a character, but it avoids confusion with #hashtags, which came first. I wasn't thinking when I wrote this, I was just putting numbers in front of text. Thanks to Rasmus Vuori for pointing this out.

  6. I did a little fussing trying to make it work on an smartphone-size screen. Didn't get there. It'll work, eventually.

Last built: Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 11:23 AM

By Dave Winer, Saturday, June 7, 2014 at 9:36 AM. Shut up and eat your vegetables.