Note to press people re Happy Friends

An update on a new product I shipped on Tuesday night called Happy Friends.

  1. It's a mailbox-style reader for Twitter.

  2. It's also an outliner, so you can organize the tweets you read into any kind of list you like, including structure (lists within lists).

  3. It's a JavaScript app that runs in the browser, coupled with a server app written in node.js. So it's all JavaScript from top to bottom. The server component runs on Heroku.

  4. It's going to hook into Fargo, which is a powerful web CMS, among other things. This means it will be possible to publish tweets on web pages with flexibility never-before attainable. And we'll do this being faithful to Twitter's guidelines for publishing tweets. You'll probably want to use this tool in your work.

  5. Here's a screen shot of Happy Friends in action.

  6. Here's a narrative of how the product came to be.

  7. Here's a getting started doc.

  8. Here's a video that shows how it works.

  9. If you have questions, my email address is

I hope you like Happy Friends! :kiss:

Dave Winer

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