I've been dealing with a really bad cold for almost a week. I got really sick last Thursday, and spent a few days sleeping and watching Netflix series. I started feeling better yesterday, and today I felt much better, but still called-in sick. I've learned over the years that my downfall when managing colds is that I declare victory too soon, and then relapse and lose more days. So I spent an extra day reading and sleeping and doing a little light writing and thinking work.

One of the little projects I did was a review of the to-do list for Fargo 2 today and decided that nothing on it is important enough to wait for, so the next mini-project will be to archive Fargo 1 and make 2 the default. It'll still be marked a BETA to alert users to be extra cautious and make backups periodically.

After this release, I'll be free to start new projects, or pick up some others that were on the back-burner, something I'm really looking forward to. I love Fargo, I use it all the time, but I'm itching to create something brand new.

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