CSS design question

There's a generic kind of site, a product home page, divided into sub-pages.

Each sub-page has a different background color or image, and uses a different kind of layout, and format and fonts. They are like panels in a brochure. You scroll through the site with the mouse on the desktop, or by flicking with your index finger on a tablet or a phone.

I've got one example of this kind of site.

Question #1 -- Does this kind of site have a name?

Question #2 -- Are there any good how-to's on setting one of these up? Or generic examples? I just don't know what they're called or I could probably find them on my own.

Obviously I want to make a Fargo template for this kind of site, to make it easy for writers and graphic designers to create them quickly. I, myself, have an application for this kind of site.

Thanks in advance for pointers.


A simple demo page illustrating the ideas.

Thanks for all the suggestions from commenters.

It's really very simple. Several fixed-height divs, styled as a table, containing a block of text that's styled as a table-cell.

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