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Here's a screen shot of how it looks on opening night.#

BTW, I like to switch things over on Saturday nights. That way if there are any problems, I can fix them while no one is watching. And Sunday morning, over coffee, I can start making lists of things that are broken! #

This is really two sites in one. The previous essays site is still here. Only its index pages are not part of the new site. Example. Those pages, and the home page, are from the new noteblog site, using a new template, and a new editorial process that includes a bookmarklet that shoots links into the Fargo outline. That this even works is due to a hack that Rube Goldberg would have loved. #

Snapshot of the Scripting News home page for October 15, 2000.#

Snapshot of the Scripting News home page for March 15, 2014.#

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I'll tell you about them tomorrow.#

For now, the main Scripting News feed stays as it was. #

A picture named god.gif#

NBA Rumors: Rockets Eye Sign-And-Trade For Knicks Carmelo Anthony? Jeremy Lin Back To New York?#

Wow, that would be some kind of blockbuster deal. #

The author speculates that the Knicks are bringing on Phil Jackson to help persuade Melo to stay, but my guess is that it's the other way around. Bringing Jackson on is a way to give the fans hope for the future, a future without Melo.#

I, for one, would love to see Jeremy Lin as the Knicks starting point guard. I don't care if the Knicks make the playoffs, I want to see great basketball in NYC. #

The last couple of weeks have been great, btw. No complaints! #

Chris Dixon: Full stack startups.#

Charlie Porter, an Adventurer Who Reshaped Climbing, Is Dead at 63.#

Slate: The 634 runways where Malaysia Airlines flight could have landed.#

Jeff Wise: Why I think the missing airliner could be in Central Asia.#

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