Indieweb and RSS

If this article about feeds on the IndieWeb wiki represents their philosophy, then their name is wrong -- they're not about independence, because feeds give us independence.

For whatever reason these people seem to want a web without RSS.

Obviously that's not a cause I can support.

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Update #1

Principles: "With IndieWebCamp we've specifically chosen to encourage and embrace a diversity of approaches/implementations."

That's good!

But it's clearly in conflict with the Feeds page.

Update #2

Over the last 8 years or so, we've been caught between Twitter and Google Reader.

Each has been doing its part to redefine what a blog is. And the intersection between the two spaces is empty. Which has led to problems.

  1. Twitter's idea of a blog post is limited to 140 chars, has no titles and resides on their server.

  2. Google Reader's idea of a blog post is something that must have a title, is of unlimited length, and resides both on their server and yours (which imho is a good thing).

Our job, in the coming years, is to heal this.

To define what a blog is, independent of the commercial vendors.

Consensus is formed in the market, not on mail lists or in meetups. If the people who call themselves the Indieweb can get uptake for the formats they would like to replace RSS with, then everyone will support them. Until then, we use what works -- for us. And that should not preclude people from working together.

That would be my manifesto for independence on the web in 2014.

I'm trying to think but nothing happens!

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