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You hear this these days -- that mobile is so compelling, so pervasive, that we'll stop using desktops and laptops. I don't think so. And I've always been among the first to get and use the newest and most expensive devices. I'm not anything remotely like a Luddite.#

But you can swing too far in your enthusiasm. Saying there's no use for desktop computers is just wrong. I drive a 4-door sedan. At one time I had a Mazda Miata. I've also had a pickup truck, and a huge van. And a bunch of shitty little cars that served as basic transport. There are semi trucks on the highway. And the kind of truck used to move mining equipment and missiles. And tanks and buses. There isn't one single form factor for cars, why should there be one form factor for computers?#

I have yet to see a tablet that's as easy to type on as a desktop. That can have so much material on screen at once. I am a professional computer user. Sure most people don't need all the hardware tools I have. But I'm damn glad I have them.#

I worry about this trend. I see it as the equivalent of saying we can only have receivers and not transmitters. I am a publisher and I need my tools.#

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