Scripting News: Roy Wildstein.#

Scripting News: Title-less items in my feed.#

Scripting News: A celebratory podcast!#

Today's background image is subtle. #

Andy DeSoto: Using outliners to enable open science documentation. #

Brent Simmons: "RSS is the domain of indie developers." #

L.A. Times Journalist Explains How a Bot Wrote His Earthquake Story for Him.#

NYT: Tech's Favorite Cartoonist Enters Mainstream Publishing.#

The new FiveThirtyEight has a feed.#

Someone just asked me on the street if I am Steven Spielberg.#

NYT: Man Named by Newsweek Issues Denial on Bitcoin Claim.#

Sri Lankan hangman resigns in shock at sight of gallows.#

"I love Phil Jackson," Shumpert said. I'm so glad to hear Jackson is a fan of Shumpert's and vice versa. I am too! He's got the winning mania. He just needs his friends to believe in him, because he's still pretty young. #

You know how guitarists have licks?#

Well programmers have them too. #

Here's one..#

When you click the permalink next to an item with subs.#

When we show you the item.#

It's expanded.#

So logical, how could it work any other way?#

Exactly! #

PS: Thanks to Dan MacTough for his help with a gritty programming problem related to this feature. #

The good news is that now that there is no dominant feed reader, many of the popular products read the title-less feeds just fine.#

Here's how Chrome deals with title-less items.#

And here's how River3 deals with title-less items.#

Mike Rodriquez reports that NewsBlur supports title-less items.#

Feedly handles them a lot like Chrome. #

Fever seems to handle title-less feeds! #

That's the miracle of a competitive market. Once a big company comes to dominate, esp in a market they don't love, stagnation strangles it.#

When Google pulled out, contrary to what the RSS bashers say, the lights started coming back on, almost immediately.#

After the transition, I have a lot more space for linkage.#

I want to help people who are doing good things for the open web.#

So if you're making or using tools in innovative ways, and don't depend on Facebook or Twitter or the like to spread the word, or are working on other ways, or even just thinking about them -- write a blog post and send me a link.#

I want to help good ideas get attention! #

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