Title-less items in my feed

When I did the transition to the new format of Scripting News over the weekend, I decided for the moment not to change the format of the feed. However I will do it, eventually -- and it's almost certain not to work well in some feed readers, maybe most of them.

One of the reasons I wanted to give it a little extra time is to create a time for feed reader devs who care to make the small changes necessary to accommodate title-less items.

Example #1


This is the feed for the noteblog. You probably should not subscribe to this feed because it will stop updating when the next transition happens. But it's an example of the kinds of items that will show up in the main feed.

Example #2


This is my original linkblog feed, going back to 2010.

All the items in this feed are title-less.


If developers want to handle the coming changes in Scripting News these two examples should be enough to make these feeds work in your software.

I explained the changes, and the reasons in this March 9 post.


Mike Rodriquez reports that Newsblur supports title-less feed items.

Here's how Chrome deals with title-less items. Not optimal!

And here's how River 3 deals with title-less items.

Feedly handles them a lot like Chrome.

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