Fargo blog: Fargo 1.52.#

Scripting News: Best way to parse XML in Node.js?#

Today's background image is King Kong in Manhattan.#

Fargo blog: Overriding font choices.#

Is Scripting News a Fargo site? Yes.#

To be clear, again -- I never would advocate discrimination in hiring. Anyone who says I would, or did, is wrong. #

Has a reporter asked Larry Page how climate change factors into his plans for Google? If so, what did he say?#

Jay Rosen on the launch of Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight.com for ESPN.#

NYT: Beneath Cities, a Decaying Tangle of Gas Pipes.#

I did a Google image search for the term screen shot on scripting.com to see what it would find.#

One of the first images was a Windows screen shot from the late-90s UserLand CMS.#

We were really proud to have successfully gotten off the Mac web platform, which had been completely rebooted by Apple overnight around Unix, shortly after Jobs returned. By getting onto Windows, we got onto a platform that we felt was more stable and had a better future. (Didn't turn out exactly as we thought, but none of these kinds of navigations ever do.)#

Today's Fargo users will see a lot of familiar features in this screen shot.#

I go for continuity. If I labor over an idea until I find the right answer, that pretty much settles it, and I move onward. And it has a nice side-effect that old users can become new users more easily.#

Note to self: Screen shots make lousy blog background images. #


Thanks to Chuck for the link.#

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