Best way to parse XML in Node.js?

  1. I have a sizable base of code that does stuff with XML written in JavaScript that runs in the browser.

  2. I want to run some of the code on a server, running in Node.js.

  3. I've created a layer between jQuery and my software. I would like to use it as-is if possible, or if not, make the fewest modifications possible.

  4. I hoped I would be able to access XML structures in the server app using jQuery or something exactly like it. Why? Well, I'm far from the first person through this space. I assume other developers want the same ability to write XML-processing code that runs in both places, without having to convert it.

  5. So, how to do it? I've asked a couple of programming friends who are fairly expert in JavaScript and the question seems to stump them. There are of course ways to walk over XML structures, but not jQuery.

  6. I thought then I should post this question publicly and ask for advice from readers of this blog.

Update: For some reason I don't see people recommending this. Why? Or maybe I'm missing something?

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