Scripting News: Bare-bones Heroku do.#

Fargo 1.56: Use Fargo to edit more than one WordPress site.#

Today's background image is Bob Marley. #

Powdered alcohol.#

Why Carmelo Anthony Should Leave the Knicks.#

One of Wikimedia's largest donors accused in paid editing scandal.#

NYT: Adrianne Wadewitz, 37, Wikipedia Editor, Dies After Rock Climbing Fall.#

News organizations can and should take an active interest in the development of the communities they serve. Interest doesn't just mean "reporting on" -- when they see an opportunity for new development that isn't already happening, why not point it out? Help direct attention where it's needed.#

Here's a fantastic example. We get a pitch for a new streetcar line along the waterfront in Brooklyn and Queens, connecting Ikea in Red Hook with a great swimming pool at the end of the Triboro Bridge in Astoria. And along the way connecting lots of diverse neighborhoods, all in various stages of rebirth. It's an idea very much in tune with the times. And presented so that you also get a visual tour of the neighborhoods. It's appealing, interesting, and exciting! I love this kind of journalsim #

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