Bare-bones Heroku do

Every time I want to start up a new Heroku app, I go through the same process, and I thought rather than figure it out every time, I'd just document it here once, and look it up.

Note: This is more general than my Heroku How To, which shows you how to set up a Fargo Publisher app. This is for any app.

  1. Come up with a name. Write it down. I'm using bingBing33 for this howto.

  2. Create a folder to hold the app. Say it's /myworld/bingBing33/

  3. Save your JavaScript file in there, say it's main.js.

  4. Create a package.json file in the folder. Follow the pattern in this file.

In Terminal, enter these commands:

cd /myworld/bingBing33

git init

git add package.json main.js

git commit -m "Initial source code"

heroku create bingBing33

git push heroku master

Your app should be running. If not, type heroku logs at the command prompt to see what happened.

To set an environment variable:

heroku config:set myvariable=somevalue --app bingBing33  

When you make a change:

git commit -a -m "Update"

git push heroku master

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